Anchopeper, Ancho peper

Anchopepers have full, fruity and mild taste and are very tasty to make a sauce or just use with all kinds of dishes.

The Ancho pepper is widely used in Mexican cuisine for the famous sauce from Puebla in Mexico. Mole Poblano is a true feast: a mixture of nuts, seeds, 2 different types of chili (including Ancho chili ), raisins, spices and chocolate. Traditionally, you cook fried chicken in it and eat the mole with rice. O


Of course Ottolenghi also uses this delicious pepper, for example in the book Ottolenghi Simple with the ' Chili fish with Tahini '. In Ottolenghi Nopi the pepper goes violently and in pieces through the sauce of the 'Roasted asparagus with romesco sauce and apple balsamic'.


In addition, he goes into the chili paste for the Spicy May Nodules from the book Plenty More and is the most important ingredient of the Pilpelchuma from the book of Jerusalem.

The Anchopeper can be found in our box for Ottolenghi fans:


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