Chai latte recipe

Chai late or masala chai make, tea of spices. Masala chai they say in India. Masala means spices and chai means tea. Original is the black tea infused with spices and usually served with milk.

Chai latte recipe

If you make the tea with the DIY Masala Chai spice box is actually 2 or 3 spices add already enough. And then a nice (vegetarian) milk with it...

I myself love using for two cups of Masala Chai:

- 2 cardamom pods

- 1 piece star anise

- some ginger

- 1 or two cloves

With almond milk ...


Heat the milk with the spices in a small saucepan over a low heat and leave to gently draw for about five to ten minutes. Pour the chai through a sieve.

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