Orzo recipe from Ottolenghi, with shrimps and feta

Ottolenghi's Orzo, with prawns and feta

Since I made Ottolenghi's Orzo, from the book Simple, I've become a big fan of Orzo. This dried pasta is slightly larger than a grain of rice and can be used, for example, in soup or as a substitute for rice as Ottolenghi has done in this Orzo recipe. is very surprising because the feta is marinated with fennel seeds.

Fennel seed substitute

Fennel seeds I often use in Indian cuisine or desserts. It can be found in our Curry kit but also in our box of spices that Ottolenghi uses in his book OTK 'Shelf Love'. Ottolenghi has incorporated it into his Orzo dish, but of course not everyone has it at home. Fennel seeds can also be replaced by some dill seeds, anise seeds or caraway seeds.


Orzo recept



    • 100 grams Feta
      • 125 grams Orzo
      • 1/4 teaspoon Aleppo pepper
        • 3 teaspoons fennel seeds
        • 1 clove garlic
        • olive oil
          • 2 strips orange peel
          • 250 ml hot water
          • 0.5 cube vegetable stock
          • 200 grams tomato cubes from cans
          • 200 grams uncooked peeled shrimps
          • 1 handful of basil
          • Olive oil Salt
          • and


        • pepper Method:


          • Roast 2 teaspoons fennel seeds until they start to smell
            • Chop them into fine pieces make a marinade by mixing it with the Aleppo pepper and two tablespoons olive oil
              • Cut the feta into cubes and divide the marinade over the feta. Make sure the cubes are
              • well marinated Chop the garlic finely and fry it gently in a pan with olive oil. Add another 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
              • Place the two orange peels in the pan and fry briefly for 1 minute.
              • Add the can of tomatoes to the pan.
              • Dissolve half a block of vegetable stock in 250 ml of hot water. Pour half of the broth into the pan together with the Orzo. Bring to a gentle boil.
              • As with a risotto, add little by little the rest of the vegetable stock to the Orzo and cook until the Orzo is al dente. Make sure that the Orzo does not fry.
              • When the Orzo is almost cooked, add
              • the shrimp Let the shrimp bake for a while until they turn light pink.
              • Taste and add some salt and pepper if necessary.
              • Sprinkle the marinated feta over the Orzo and serve immediately.


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